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Bear Creek Nursery offers a variety of soils for all your garden and landscape needs.


We work with a local excavator to source our topsoil.  Once on-site, we screen the material to ensure that rocks and debris are removed.

Suggested uses:
- fill in holes and low spots
- base material for grass seed and sod

BCN_Potting Soil_2

Potting Soil

This proprietary mix starts with our Go Grow Compost, we then add Peat Moss, Perlite and Pine Bark Chips to create the optimal soil blend for all your potted plants.

BCN_Mixed Soil_2
Mixed Soil

This 50/50 mix of topsoil and composted rice hulls is the perfect material for your garden beds.  The rice hulls increase soil porosity and reduce compaction.

Suggested uses:
- garden beds (ornamental shrubs and plants)
- raised bed vegetable gardens 
- blend Mixed Soil with our Go Grow Compost to add nutritional       content to the soil

BCN_Fill Dirt_2
Fill Dirt

This is the material left over after we screen our top soil.  It is chunky and full of rocks, not suitable for finish applications.

Suggested uses:
- potted plants, containers and planters
- plant starts including cuttings and plugs
- raised bed gardens
Suggested uses:
- backfill
- leveling large areas (top dress with a couple of inches of         screened topsoil to create a more finished surface)

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