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At Bear Creek Nursery, it is all about the plants! We stock a wide variety of trees and shrubs and colorful annuals and perennials for your landscape, as well as veggie starts and herbs for your edible garden. Our selection of houseplants & tropicals continues to grow. And, of course, we have the best selection of deer-resistant varieties in the area. 


Annual plants are the best option for seasonal color, and we have a large inventory to meet all of your needs - shade-loving, sun-loving, deer resistant, cool season, drought tolerant, and more. 


Perennial plants provide reliable color year after year. At Bear Creek, we offer a wide variety of perennials well-suited for growing in our area of the Ozark Mountains, including many varieties of native plants.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs add structure to a landscape and so much more - multiple seasons of interest, shade, wildlife habitat, screening, etc. Let us help you choose the perfect tree or shrub for your landscape needs. 


Few plants compare to bamboo. It is both a delicate and graceful plant and a fast, aggressive grower. Although often thought of as a tropical plant, many are suitable for growing in Arkansas. At Bear Creek Nursery, we can help you determine if bamboo is the right option for you. 

Tropicals, House Plants & Succulents

Monstera, snake plant, echeveria, pothos, rubber plant - if these are the plants that get you excited, stop by Bear Creek Nursery to view our current inventory. We are constantly updating our selection of tropicals, houseplants and succulents. 

Herbs & Veggies

Bear Creek has a large selection of herb plants that we offer year-round. Seasonal vegetable starts are offered in the Spring and Fall. 

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