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Bear Creek Nursery offers a variety of gravel for all your garden and landscape needs.

Limestone Base - 5/8-in

Crushed limestone with powdery fines. Packs easily and sets-up to create a semi-hard surface.

BCN_Pea Gravel_1
Washed River Gravel - Pea

Harvested locally from our Ozark creeks, this pea gravel has a natural brown and tan color.  Easy to walk on and drains well.

*We also carry 1" clean limestone gravel
Suggested uses:
- driveways and parking areas
- fill in potholes or low spots in drives
- base material for retaining walls and paver patios

Suggested uses:
- walkways and driveways
- garden borders
- laying bed for stepping stones
BCN_Medium Gravel_2.jpg
Washed River Gravel - Med 
 0.5-in to 1-in

Larger than pea gravel, but still relatively easy to walk on, medium gravel has a little more holding power and stays in place better than pea gravel.

BCN_Large Gravel_2
Washed River Gravel - Lg
 1-in to 2-in

This is the largest gravel that we carry.  It's size makes it the most resistant to erosion, but also the chunkiest to walk on.

Suggested uses:
- Rock mulch for garden beds
- Driveways, walkways and garden borders
Suggested uses:
- Rock mulch for garden beds
- Backfill for retaining walls
- Armoring areas with high erosion potential

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