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Stone Yard

The stone yard at Bear Creek Nursery carries a variety of materials including

flagstone, creek stone, field stone boulders, chop block and more...

1" to 2" Flagstone

Flagstone gives a rich natural look to walkways and patios. Sold by the pallet for larger projects or by the sq. ft. for smaller projects.

Suggested uses:
- patios
- walkways
- landings outside exterior doors

Creek Rock

Used primarily for garden and yard borders these rounded stones have been smoothed by the natural action of water flowing over them.

Suggested uses:
- Garden bed borders
- Yard borders
- Walkway borders

Chop Block

This versatile material has been rough cut to create uniform blocks of varying length.  Chop block is a great border material that gives a rich structured look.  It can be stacked 2 to 3 courses high to create small bed walls.

Suggested uses:
- garden, yard and walkway borders
- can be stacked 2 to 3 courses high

Field Stone Boulders

Boulders are great visual anchors for your landscape.  Whether large, medium or small, boulders add a striking natural element to your garden or landscape.

Suggested uses:
- yard and garden boulders add a striking visual element
- Place over ground down stumps or areas too rocky for plants

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