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Delivery Zones

Delivery Zone 1 - $27

Eureka Springs and Holiday Island

Delivery Zone 2 - $37

Hillspeak and Arkansas/Missouri Line

Delivery Zone 3 - $42

Mundell, Rock House, Kings River and Eagle Rock

Delivery Zone 4 - $52

Buck Mountain, Hogscald and Golden

Delivery Zone 5 - $57

Berryville, Seligman, Emerald Beach

Delivery Zone 6: $77

Green Forest and Shell Knob

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much material can you haul in your dump truck?

The Bear Creek dump truck can haul up to 4 cubic yards of soil or gravel and up to 10 cubic yards of mulch per delivery.

Can I order two materials and keep them separated?

Yes.  A split load allows you to order two materials that are kept separate in the same delivery.  The second material can be no more than 1 cubic yard.  $10 additional fee for split loads.

Can I order more than one material and have them mixed?

Yes. We can mix multiple materials in our dump truck by alternating them when loading.  This layering of materials combined with the dumping process helps to mix the materials.

Example: 2 yds of Mixed Soil and 2 yds of Compost can be loaded alternately in 1/2 yd increments.  When delivered the two materials mix to create a blend of the materials.

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